About us

Blockchain technology holds the potential to bring great changes to society. However, in its current state, blockchain is still not developed enough for people to use it as the basis for new social systems. This is because blockchain itself is still in its infancy.


Our aim is to develop the blockchain through our engineering expertise. This means writing new code. Blockchain has its background in a number of technologies, including cryptography, communications and game theory. A network that would be able to operate while practically incorporating these concepts would be the most ideal.

This involves not just theoretical research, but also the practical implementation of nodes all over the world. By writing code, we will be able to practically develop the blockchain. We are very pleased and excited to be involved as engineers in the early stages of this great new technology. Let’s write blockchain code and make the world a better place! #CodeBlockchain

GBEC’s Activities

In order for blockchain to mature, it will be necessary for more engineers to take an interest in the technology and start developing their own ideas. We will be distributing blockchain educational content to help encourage these engineers.