Shigeyuki Azuchi
CTO - Chaintope Inc.
Engaged in Bitcoin research, primarily in second layer technologies since 2015. Has implemented and published numerous OSS libraries in Ruby, including the Bitcoin protocol and Open Assets Protocol. Co-writer of Blockchain Programming: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency.

Shogo Ochiai
Co-founder/CTO - Cryptoeconomics Lab
A Blockchain engineer who specializes in Ethereum, Plasma and zk-SNARKs. Engaged in multiple cryptocurrency projects and collaborations in Asia that focus on OSS activities relating to Staking, Formal Verification and other important factors that are essential to Cryptoeconomics, which forms the development basis for current Ethereum research.
Is also very interested in Rust, Isabelle and HOL.

Yukishige Nakajo
Chief Ethereum Researcher - Chaintope Inc.
Ethereum researcher. Fully committed to the development of the tools involved in Smart Contract development such as Solidity and Truffle. Technical advisor at Hi-Ether and administrator at Research at

Kohei Taniguchi
2nd Executive Committee Chairman of "Challenge Caravan" - Chaintope Inc.
Engaged in system planning and development of educational systems at HAW International Inc. for 8 years. Became part of Chaintope Inc. in 2018 and has been involved in the design and development of genuine Blockchain applications. Exploring the application of Blockchain technology in the field of “social capital”.